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About the Sacramento Yacht Club!

The Sacramento Yacht Club is the oldest boating organization in the Sacramento River-Delta region. SYC's official founding dates to 1929, with roots reaching back to rowing clubs in the 1800s.

The club called several locations homeport, but in 1947 purchased a former Navy barge and used it as a clubhouse for more than three decades.

In the 70's the club moved to its present site in West Sacramento, replacing the barge with a permanent facility mid-decade. The 4,400 square foot SYC clubhouse, includes a bar, dining room and full commercial-size kitchen. The marina occupies about five acres of land, stretching along nearly a quarter-mile of riverfront, with space for over 100 boats.

Formally beginning with the Opening Day boat parade in May and climaxing with the Bay and Blue Water Cruise in late summer, SYC stages a cruise virtually each month, often to other yacht club's or marinas. Some cruises have themes but many are just opportunities to be on the water and eat and drink with friends. The annual 4S Cruise, over 60 years old, brings together members of four river-delta yacht clubs.

Naturally, just as SYC cruises to other clubs, so do flotillas from other clubs congregate in our marina from time to time. 

The most obvious benefits of belonging to the Sacramento Yacht Club are participating and enjoying the club atmosphere, and the privilege of docking one’s boat in the region’s finest marina and use of SYC facilities.

While an interest in boating is the common thread of SYC shipmates, there are dozens of purely social events each year, some related to a cruise and some staged at the clubhouse.

While cruising dominates the SYC calendar during the six-month-plus boating season, the off-season slate of activities includes many events, such as Happy Hour, TGIF and Monday Night Football meals.


SYC members enjoy reciprocal privileges at many yacht clubs throughout the world. Reciprocal privileges are a courtesy extended by individual yacht clubs that includes, usually, use of facilities and low or no-cost berthing. Applicants must be sponsored by 2 members and must have attended at least 1 social function. Sponsors read applications at monthly membership meetings and the application must be approved by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors. Boat ownership is not required, but there is a percentage limit for non boat-owner memberships.Beyond the formal requirements, there is a community of members that participate in events and voluntarily participate to maintain our much loved facility.

Always accepting AWESOME people! Click here for application information.


3365 Chicory Loop, West Sacramento CA 95691

Tel: 916.371.5058

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